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Closed-Loop Control System

Types of Control Systems

In this article, I’m going to talk about the types of control systems. Now why is that important? The importance of a Control System comes into play when we’re concerned about the design of a control system. A System Design Engineer must keep in mind the following before designing any system.

  • Robustness
  • Simplicity
  • Economy
  • Sensitivity to disturbances

At the end of this article, we’ll find out how the above mentioned factors are affected by the type of control system we choose.

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Basic Control System

Introduction to Automation

The term ‘Automation’ typically refers to an automatic control system(s) used to perform a specific task. The nature of these systems and tasks depends on different processes involved in any plant or industry. It’s a vast area for discussion and I’ll be talking about the applications of control systems in my future posts but before that, let’s discuss some basic knowledge regarding Control Systems.

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8051 Ports

The 8051 micro-controller comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the model (variant) that you choose. I talked about the most common pin configuration for 8051 in my previous post.  These pins can serve as either input or output to the micro-controller. They can be used independently or in groups. When few pins are combined together to form a group, it’s called a port. Let’s discuss the ports available in 8051.

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