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Load List

What is Load List?

Load List (also known as Load Schedule) is an important document – the backbone or base of any Electrical System Design (ESD). It is considered to be a live document that can be updated even after the concerned plant starts operating. It’s normally drafted at the beginning of any project.

Assuming that you’re already familiar with the basics of Electrical System Design (ESD), this article will briefly introduce you to the concept of Load List and its significance in Oil & Gas Electrical System Design. This general introduction, however, is not limited only to Oil & Gas Industry but also applies to other fields where ESD is required.

Generally, Load List can be defined as

A technical document (electrical) that embodies the total electrical load within the plant along with the distribution feeders.


An estimate of the instantaneous electrical loads operating in a facility – in terms of active, reactive and apparent power.


Electrical Load normally comprises of pumpsmotors, distribution boards and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) while Distribution Feeders are mostly generators (source of electricity) and/or electricity supply from government authorities.


Preparing Load List

Load List can be prepared manually using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or by using software package like Smartplant Electrical for big projects. I will explain the manual method using Excel in my next post with more detail.


Load List
Sample Load List (Click to enlarge)


Importance of Load List

The maximum demand of each switchboard and Motor Control Center (MCC) is calculated. This information is then utilized for the sizing of switchgear, transformer and generator units which is an important factor in decision making process. In a nutshell, Load List shows the power requirements of different facilities within a plant and engineers can use this useful data for proper design.


Nouman Mustafa Malik has completed BSc. Electrical Engineering. He is presently associated with one of the leading multinational Oil & Gas Company as Electrical & Instrumentation Design Engineer at Lahore, Pakistan. He is a Freelancer Design Engineer. He is a Technical Blogger and familiar with Urdu & English languages. He wants to share his experience & knowledge and help technical personnel to find suitable environment for solutions.

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  1. Load list is based upon P&ID and process design and calculation, and system design description, and operating mode. The tabulation of spreadsheet is determined by system operation and for the purpose of simple mathematical calculation.

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