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How to Use Proteus

I talked about some basic simulators for the 8051 micro-controller in my previous post. They are strictly for beginners (if you’re one) as you can only verify the output by checking the values on ports, pins, and internal registers etc. To be honest, that’s how you get to learn the basics and see how everything works internally in the micro-controller. However, sooner or later, you’ll be going a bit further (if you’re really interested) and will need to attach (interface) external hardware because that’s exactly how we intend to utilize a micro-controller. This is where Proteus comes in – a complete simulation platform.


8051 Simulators

It’s always exciting to give some practical shape to any of your idea (at least for some of us out there, it is). Successful output doubles the fun. Same goes for 8051 micro-controller. You have probably designed something and written / compiled a program code for it and you are almost ready to put it to test. Will it work? I know it’s tempting and you can’t really wait but there is still one essential step before jumping on to the implementation phase – simulation.